Built On

It’s people that make a place and our places are made by many.

We proactively work with our occupiers to enable progressive, long-term relationships and to gain insight into evolving business needs. Collaborations with local communities, councils and like-minded industry leaders enable us to challenge convention and push the boundaries of what our places can and should provide, not just for the businesses within but for everyone that experiences them.

  • Progressive occupier

  • A platform for
    the community

  • Like-minded

Progressive occupier partnerships

We don’t just create places.
We build relationships.

We’re proud to partner closely with a range of businesses with a variety of needs, from individual floors for smaller businesses to large HQ buildings for global brands. Our proactive approach ensures we are providing the very best spaces and most relevant facilities and services possible within our portfolio. Occupiers are rewarded with improved talent attraction, employee retention and a healthy, productive and active team.

To help our existing and potential partners navigate the growing need
for flexible, high-performance workplaces;

We work hard to nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and to understand and cater to individual occupier needs.

We have dedicated occupier support at a senior level, with regular check-ins and an open-door ethos promoting opportunities for businesses.

Our building managers are hand-picked and stay with us as the portfolio evolves.

We have a progressive approach to leasing and optional plug-and-play solutions, enabling our partners to grow and flex within our portfolio even in the short-term.

We provide expertise and resource to incentivise more sustainable occupation.

We actively seek like-minded occupier partners with serious ESG ambitions – we know that together we can have a greater positive impact.


98 Theobalds Road

Upon acquisition of 98 Theobalds Road in 2012, we worked closely with Warner Bros' to regear their lease on terms that suited their business strategy.

By building a strong partnership and understanding of Warner Bros' occupational requirements and through proactive communication, we were able to offer a solution that allowed them to adapt their building to their evolving needs and maintain the level of facilities they required without having to leave their ideal Midtown location.

We enabled and funded a phased refurbishment of their space, providing support and flexibility with very few restrictions, whilst bringing the building back up to contemporary Grade A standards.

"As long-term occupiers of 98 Theobalds Road we truly value the collaborative relationship we have established with the team at Welput not only to ensure that the building can continue being our home for years to come but also in working with us to undertake, and partially fund, a complete refurbishment creating a unique, modern and collaborative working environment that fits a leading media company"

Occupier Brands

A platform for the community

Inclusive spaces

  • During planning we engage a diverse cross-section of the local community through a proactive three-tier consultation process, aiming to serve their needs and enhance their experience wherever possible.
  • Activation of public realm is a priority, creating safe, green and inspiring social spaces for all people at all times of the day.
  • We enrich local environments with curated retail, leisure and learning opportunities aimed at real neighbourhood needs.

Social Responsibility

  • We have a strategy in place to maximise positive social impact through our developments and actions.
  • Our initiatives include charity partnerships, local trade apprentices and volunteering within the communities we are providing for.
  • Where possible we include affordable workspace, even where planning policy does not require it, to ensure opportunities for everyone.


Bury House

Bury House is Welput’s upcoming City development, designed to provide a new vertical ecosystem that will support a growing community of SMEs, start-ups and provide a new hub for local residents and community groups, as well as enhancing the experience for visitors and passers-by through retail, green space and public amenities.

Working with Kanda, a specialist public affairs and consultancy business, and utilising a thorough multi-channel engagement programme, we’ve actively engaged stakeholders from every aspect of the local community in shaping the scheme. From schools to synagogues, we have signed Memorandum’s of Understanding with three local organisations, with an additional two more in negotiations, and are delivering the following community benefits through the development:

Dedicated and free to use community space within the building designed for specific local groups including schools, charities and cultural/art groups.

Enabling a local cultural programme with areas for display of art installations, and Maker Spaces with micro-workshops and gallery space.

Delivery of high-quality public realm; activated and publicly accessible spaces expressly for the benefit of local workers, visitors and residents.

New green space for dwelling and reflection in pocket park James’ Court, a reinstated historic City court for locals and workers to enjoy.

Provision of small and flexible retail space at ground floor level to meet local worker, visitor and residential needs.

A new covered pedestrian Heritage Arcade reintroducing a historic route in the City and improving permeability and access for pedestrians.

Prioritising and promoting walking and cycling for all with policy-exceeding design measures including dedicated cycle spaces.

Provision of flexible affordable workspace designed to meet local demand and directed specifically to SMEs and start-up businesses.

Like-minded expertise

To create world-class schemes, we work with world-class professionals, seeking the very best expertise in order to keep improving on industry standards.

Our professional partners share our values and together we challenge ourselves to create and manage the most innovative, healthy, sustainable and future-fit developments we can.


105 Victoria Street

© DBOX for Bentall Green Oak

A global taskforce of industry experts has been established to ensure that Welput’s sustainability targets can be delivered through our design ambitions.

Before commencing the design, a project-specific sustainability framework and action plan were developed by the Welput team, creating the foundation of the design brief. We appointed Sweco - Europe's leading design, engineering, environment and regulatory consultancy - to protect and implement this ‘sustainability led design’ approach and chair the 'Sustainability Steering Group' at design reviews.

Informed by this brief and at the heart of the design process are two leading specialists. The lead architects, KPF, an award-winning global studio with ambitions led by sustainability, local context and community are working closely with Danish wellness and social pioneers Henning Larsen, who will design insight driven interiors and key communal areas.

By setting the foundations in this way, sustainability and wellbeing are entrenched and established from inception and we continually challenge the team to beat planning policy and set new benchmarks, ensuring we stay true to our Welput principles.

A specialist team has also been put in place to ensure that the developing design is continually evaluated and interrogated in respect of the latest environmental and sustainable performance metrics, whilst looking ahead to its operation and future lifecycle.

Development Manager

Steering Group Chair

Sustainability Champions

Distinctive Features

Urban farm and
Walk&Talk Track

As part of over 29,000 sq ft of landscaped outdoor spaces reconnecting people with nature, we’ve incorporated a 200m Walk&Talk track to incentivise people to take their work calls on the move. The roof garden will feature an urban farm, where school children will learn how to grow food and you may even find some freshly grown ingredients cropping up in the healthy cafes at the Village Square.

We will be providing the most green space of any commercial building within West End and importantly delivering a 33% improvement on GLA’s target Urban Greening Factor.

Village Square

Originally the site of the old Army & Navy Store and prior to that the heart of Palmer’s Village, the Village Square reinstates the historic heart of Victoria, creating a free flowing and inclusive community hub with places to meet, relax and explore. The retail mix will provide for genuine neighbourhood needs from groceries and dry cleaning to bike repairs service and doctor facilities.

The design incorporates a feature sofit made from perforated recycled copper, a material chosen for its low carbon footprint. The design decision alone will save 75% of CO2 compared to traditional specification.

Activity Zone
& Cycle Centre

A feature cycle ramp flows down and around the multi-purpose sports and events arena where GreyCoat and Westminster City Schools will hold their PE lessons and occupiers and the community are invited to hold activities, talks and exhibitions. The cycle access, workshop and end of journey facilities encourage people to prioritise active and sustainable travel.

“Those who switch just one trip per day from car driving to cycling reduce their carbon footprint by about 0.5 tonnes over a year”

Dr. Christian Brand, University of Oxford

View 105 Victoria Street Sustainability Case Study